Part Time Training

In order to accomodate Departments that have already hired part-time officers and will miss the 6 month window due to Part-Time Training being suspended until January,  Mobile Team 5 will be offering a Power Test on August 14, 2017 at the Bureau County Metro Center in Princeton, Illinois starting at 5:00 pm.  Officers who pass this Power Test will have to retest prior to the start of the next Part-Time Basic Training class.


Please be advised that the Board has decided that the new 560-hour Part-Time BLE would be suspended until January 1, 2018.  Therefore, once the existing PT BLE courses are concluded using the current curriculum, there will be a break in PT BLE training for a few months.  This will allow time for the Executive Institute and their staff at Western Illinois University to update the online training modules. 

Departments with PT officers in need of Basic Law Enforcement training will be given two options: 

  1. Enroll their officer(s) in the January 2018 PTBLE courses through their local MTU.  They will need to submit a request to the Board for an extension of any deadlines for Basic Law Enforcement Training. These extension requests will be granted due to the temporary suspension of the program.  However, please note that the 6 month deadline for both the mandatory firearms course and passing the POWER Test still applies.  Additionally, if more than 45 days passes after the POWER test, the recruit will be required to pass the POWER test before the start of the academy.

  2. Hire their officer(s) at FT status, enroll them in one of the FT academies to complete the 560 hour Basic Law Enforcement course, and then submit a Form E to drop them back to PT status once they successfully complete the BLE and return to work at the department. 



  • No later than 6 months from date of hire – a new officer must (1) complete the 40-hour MFT and (2) “enroll” in the PTBLE – by which the Board means the officer must successfully pass the POWER test conducted by the MTU.
  • No later than 18 months from date of hire – the new officer must successfully complete the PTBLE – which means passing the state certification exam.
  • Failure to meet either of these training timelines will result in the officer being forfeited by the agency and being permanently barred from part time law enforcement employment.  They can still be hired but only as a full time officer.