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Date: Thursday, October 26, 2017
Time: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
La Salle County Sheriff's Department
707 E. Etna Road
Ottawa, IL
Instructor: Lawrence J. Simon is the author of the book(s) “Murder by Numbers: Perspectives on Serial Sexual Violence” and “Mortal Desire: Origins of Sexual Violence” For over a decade he has devoted his services to law enforcement, legal and forensic professionals throughout the country and is recognized in the law enforcement community as one of the most knowledgeable, skilled and respected instructors on this very challenging subject. Thousands have attended his innovative trainings. He has been a keynote speaker at major national and state-sponsored conferences across the United States and Canada. Dr. Simon is also widely known for maintaining long-lasting professional relationships with many of his clientele and has been dependable in his delivery of fantastic and innovative presentations. Dr. Simon is recognized by the American Board of Sexology as a diplomat and certified as a Sexologist for informational purposes only. He earned his doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology specializing in Forensic psychology from an APA accredited institution graduating in 2007. He is regularly requested by law enforcement and legal staff to serve as a consultant on numerous cases involving crimes of a sexual and explicit nature, including cold case serial homicides. He’s appeared on a major news network discussing his research and the minds of serial murderers. Dr. Simon has spent most of his professional years employed within corrections where he’s interviewed, treated and assessed some of the most dangerous inmates in the country including inmates housed on death row. Dr. Simon’s latest book titled Mortal Desire, released in November 2016 highlights the spectrums of sexual deviant pathology while analyzing and interpreting true accounts and disturbing viewpoints behind their violent crimes from some of the most sinister men behind bars.
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This course offers extensive examination into the mindset of sexually violent individuals from the mouths of those who preyed on unsuspecting citizens. Dr. Lawrence J Simon, who has worked in maximum security prisons, including closed management settings and death row and studied these individuals for years, will discuss the underlying motivations of some of the most bizarre, violent, non-violent and invasive paraphillic behaviors. This course examines the why behind the crime and its addictive progressions.  This course combines the perspectives of psychology and disturbing viewpoints from some of the most dangerous sex offenders and murderers behind bars. This innovative course probes the evolution and disturbing aspect of sexual deviant pathology including such elusive topics as necrophilia, pedophilia, cannibalism, frotteurism, exhibitionism, criminal sexual sadism, war rape, voyeurism, bestiality, and serial lust murder. Case Studies and Videos will be shown throughout. The goal is for the student to significantly increase their awareness and understanding behind some of the more violent and bizarre sex crimes perpetrated.


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