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Date: Monday, January 22, 2018
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
DeKalb Police Department
700 W. Lincoln Highway

DeKalb, IL
Instructor: Northwestern University Center for Public Safety
Member's Fee: $0
Non-Member & Civilian Fee: $0



Dates:         January 22-February 2, 2018
                      February 12-23, 2018
                      March 12-23, 2018
                      April 16-27, 2018
                      May 14-25, 20168
Times:           0800-1700 hours
Tuition:         $3,950.00

The School of Police Staff and Command is an intensive ten-week program that prepares law enforcement managers for senior positions by uniquely combining academic principles with practical applications.  Because research is a key component of the SPSC, many times a student’s research project comes directly from a timely and critical issue facing that student’s agency.  The knowledge gained can be put to use immediately.
From the time it was launched in 1983, the SPSC has received enthusiastic response from executives and trainers throughout the country.  A review of the course curriculum verifies its completeness and appropriateness for organizational and personal development.
The School of Police Staff and Command is a dynamic ten-week police management program designed for today’s progressive police managers and their agencies.
The course content will include:
Understanding Management
                ~            Management Principles
                ~            Interpersonal and Organizational Communication
                ~            Transformational Leadership
                ~            Managing Organizational Change
                ~            Organizational Behavior
Law Enforcement Management and its Environment
                ~            Police Ethics
                ~            Police Standards and Professionalism
                ~            Police Traffic Management and Analysis
                ~            Legal Issues in Traffic Enforcement
                ~            Information Resources
                ~            Criminal Law and Procedure Update
                ~            Managing Criminal Investigations
                ~            Community Oriented Policing
                ~            Managing Media Relations
                ~            Police Executive Panel
                ~            Current Issues in Law Enforcement Management
Human Resource Administration
                ~            Selection and Promotion
                ~            Legal Aspects of Selection and Promotion
                ~            Performance Appraisal
                ~            Labor/Management Relations
                ~            Civil Liability
                ~            Legal Aspects of Discipline
                ~            Improving Performance Through Training
                ~            Managing the Problem Employee
                ~            Managing Discipline
Skills for Planning and Analysis
                ~            Staff Research
                ~            Problem Solving and Decision Analysis
                ~            Project Management
                ~            Police Resource Allocation
                ~            Police Work Scheduling
                ~            Selection and Use of Computer Systems
                ~            Budget Preparation and Management
                ~            Planning and Policy Development
                ~            Staff Research Paper Presentation
The SPSC is a university-based education program intended for mid and upper-level supervisory personnel.  It is expected that SPSC students will: 1) have at least two years of supervisory experience, and 2) be prepared to complete upper-division (i.e. Junior and senior level) university course work, to include
Upper division university course work presumes that a student has the ability to:
                ~            Write a 15-20 page research paper or 5-8 page staff study
~            Perform arithmetic operations and understand elementary algebraic notation
~            Read, comprehend, and retain assigned materials based on textbooks, professional journals, trade magazines, and other sources
~            Schedule time to complete out-of-class reading and writing assignments
The SPSC is not appropriate for entry-level officers, deputies or troopers.  It is recommended that personnel who have recently been appointed to their first supervisory position attend Northwestern University Center for Public Safety’s Supervision of Police Personnel course rather than the SPSC.
To ensure that SPSC students have sufficient time to attend class and complete out-of-class assignments, students should be released from their normal job responsibilities.  SPSC students are required to have access to the Internet for grade retrieval and communication.  Students will be provided with a laptop computer, with internet access, to aid in their successful completion of the course.
This course has been certified by the ILETSB and approved in meeting the following mandated training requirements:

Civil Rights
Constitutional and proper use of law enforcement authority
Procedural Justice
Law Updates 
Human Rights