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Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Time: 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
La Salle County Sheriff's Department
707 E. Etna Road
Ottawa, IL

Ryan Braden - De Kalb County Sheriff's Department

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Non-Member Fee: $50

Funding for this course has been approved from the Illinois Department of Transportation, through the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:      To increase the deterrence of DUI violation, and thereby reducing the number of crashes, deaths and injuries caused by impaired drives.  Upon successful completion of this course participants will become significantly better able to:

a. Recognized and interpret evidence of DUI violations.

b. Administer and interpret Standardized Field Sobriety Tests

c. Describe DUI evidence clearly and convincingly in written reports and verbal testimony.

d. Understand the tasks and decisions of DUI detection.

e. Know and recognize typical vehicle maneuvers and human indicators symptomatic of DUI that are associated with initial observations of vehicles in operation

f. Know and recognize typical reinforcing maneuvers and indicators that come to light during the stopping sequence.

g. Know and recognize typical sensory and other clues of alcohol and/or other drug impairment that may be seen during face-to-face contact with DUI suspects.

H. Know and recognize typical behavioral clues of alcohol and /or other drug impairment that may be seen during the suspect=s exit from the vehicle.

I.  Know and carry out appropriate administrative procedures for validated divided attention psycho physical tests

j. Know and carry out appropriate administrative procedures for the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test.

k. Know and recognize typical clues of alcohol and /or other drug impairment that may be seen during administration of the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.

NOTE: Law Enforcement agencies using federal money to due to alcohol related enforcement activities will be required to show that all personnel participating in those activities have completed the 24 hour SFST program since 2005 or this SFST training refresher.  This class is not meant to replace the 24 Hour DUI Detection and SFST Training Program, but to supplement it.

MTU 5’s request for certification of this course, as well as Mandate Approval, has been approved by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standard’s Board.


 xx Civil Rights  xx Constitutional and Proper Use of Law Enforcement Authority.
  Cultural Competency   Procedural Justice
  Introductory Mental Health Awareness  xx Legal Updates
  Human Rights   Use of Force (must include scenario based or similar approved training)
  Lead Homicide Investigator   Sexual Assault Trauma Informed Response
  Sexual Assault Investigator Training   Psychology of Domestic Violence

Course enrollment must be made by the agency CEO or designated training officer.  Registration may be made using our on-line course registration link on this website.  All officers enrolled by their department will be assumed to be on duty unless otherwise noted

Mobile In-Service Training Region #5 –Assist Program

Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board

Serving the Counties of: Bureau – La Salle – Marshall – Putnam - Stark