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Date: Friday, December 06, 2019
Time: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Mendota Police Department
607 8th Ave.
Mendota, IL
Instructor: Jeffrey Bishop is currently assigned to the ISP Academy/Training Bureau/Firearms Unit.  As an ISP Trooper Jeff has served assignments on the Executive Protection Unit (OOD) and Patrol (DOO) for District 2.  Jeff was a full-time police officer for the City of Murphysboro and have been in law enforcement since September 2006.   He also served six years with the U.S. Army.  Jeff is skilled at safely operating and maintaining a variety of weapons and is trained in nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare.  

Jeff was certified as a RADAR/Lidar Instructor in May 2018.  
  Member Fee: $0
Non-Member Fee: $100

PURPOSE OF COURSE:  This one day, 8-hour program has been designed by Jeffrey S Bishop to provide students with an understanding of the proper operational procedures and considerations for correctly using RADAR or Lidar in police speed enforcement. 
COURSE OVERVIEW:    Students will cover how to operate a radar unit and you will be required to set up and operate a radar unit as part of this course. 
COURSE GOALS: At the end of this course the student will be able to: describe the relationship between speed and accidents; explain the Doppler Principle and basic radar operation; identify and explain the frequency of the radar unit; demonstrate proper radar unit installation; demonstrate proper check and calibration procedures; identify and demonstrate the proper target identification techniques; explain radar detection devices; identify and create readings from the radar device interacting with the environment; estimate speeds of vehicles either over or under the posted limit; discuss the legal aspects case law created for Radar/LIDAR; The function, set-up, and calibration for the LIDAR
COURSE PREREQUISITES:         Only personnel who are currently employed by a unit of local government in a sworn or civilian capacity will be permitted to attend this program.  Only the Chief, Sheriff, or Public Safety Director of the agency requesting this training - or his/her designated representative - may enroll student officers.  Officers will NOT be allowed to enroll themselves
METHODS OF EVALUATION:     Students will be required to demonstrate knowledge of all course materials.  Additionally, the instructor will evaluate students’ comprehension and retention of course topics based on their participation in practical exercises/scenarios and discussions conducted during the course.  Evaluation forms completed by each student will provide feedback to the respective MTU on the quality of the course content and the instructor’s effectiveness in delivering this content.
NOTE: Students will need a Radar AND Lidar unit to complete this course. 
METHODS OF INSTRUCTION:    This course is conducted using the following methods of instruction:
  • In-class review of student handout materials
  • In-class lecture
  • In-class scenario-based exercises
  • In-class general discussion
  • Completion of pre-and post-testing tools
                Required Readings: All applicable handouts
COURSE REQUIREMENTS/GRADING POLICY: Students will have to pass a practical in which the student will do 30 observations (10 moving radar, 10 stationary radar, and 10 LIDAR) after having classroom lecture and discussion.  The student will have to score 70% in each category to become certified. 
RECOMMENDED INSTRUCTIONAL AIDS: For instruction for this course, I will need use of a television/video hookup for computer to utilize Power Point and lecture. 
 MTU 5’s request for certification of this course, as well as Mandate Approval, has been approved by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standard’s Board.
X Civil Rights X Constitutional and Proper Use of Law Enforcement Authority.
  Cultural Competency   Procedural Justice
  Introductory Mental Health Awareness X Legal Updates
  Human Rights X Use of Force (must include scenario based or similar approved training)
  Lead Homicide Investigator   Sexual Assault Trauma Informed Response
  Sexual Assault Investigator Training   Psychology of Domestic Violence
Course enrollment must be made by the agency CEO or designated training officer.  Registration may be made using our on-line course registration link on this website.  All officers enrolled by their department will be assumed to be on duty unless otherwise noted
Mobile In-Service Training Region #5 –Assist Program
Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board
Serving the Counties of: Bureau – La Salle – Marshall – Putnam - Stark