It has been brought to the attention of Director Fischer that a number of calls are coming in from Police Chiefs to advise that all of the Basic Law Enforcement Academies in the state are currently full – asking what they should do to get their officer enrolled.
Director Fischer is aware of the issue and is working on some possible options to be able to alleviate the problem.
However, in the meantime, anyone who calls about this should be given the same information by whomever they speak to in this office.  Should you receive such a call, please advise them as follows:
  1. If you have not already hired the new officer, hold off on doing so until you can secure a seat for them in one of the upcoming academy classes.
  2. If the above is not an option, and the officer has already been hired, immediately get them on the waiting list for one of the upcoming academy classes by contacting the academy registrar.  There is a good possibility they will get into the next class with no wait.
  3. If your officer remains on the waiting list for the academy and his/her 6 month deadline is fast approaching and it appears they will not begin the academy by that date, submit a letter to Director Fischer to request a 90 day extension.  If all good faith efforts have been made to get the officer into training in a timely manner, the requested extension will be approved.
Please be advised that the Executive Committee meeting of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, it was agreed upon that the Part-Time Officer Basic Training Program would be suspended until January 1, 2018.  Therefore, once the current PTBLE courses are concluded using the old curriculum, there will be a break in PTBLE training for a few months.  This will allow time for the Executive Institute and their staff at Western Illinois University to update the online training modules and test bank.  Due to their part in developing the online training for the in-service training mandates, it is taking a bit longer than expected for the PTBLE online training modules to be updated for the rollout of the 560 hour curriculum.
Departments with PT officers in need of Basic Training will be given two options:
  1. Enroll their officer(s) in the January PTBLE courses through their local MTU.  They will need to submit a request for an extension of any deadlines for Basic Training. (Enrollment in Basic Training within 6 months of the date of appointment and 18 months to complete Basic Training from date of appointment.)  These extension requests will be granted due to the temporary suspension of the program.  (However, the 6 month deadline to pass the POWER Test still applies.)
  2. Hire their officer(s) at FT status, enroll them in one of the FT academies to complete the 560 hour Basic Training, and then submit a Form E to drop them back to PT status once they complete the Academy and return to work at the department.  (If they go this route, they will benefit from the direct tuition agreements with the FT Academies and will not have to pay tuition and then wait 9 months or more for reimbursement from ILETSB.  They may also choose to send them to the new Decatur facility’s initial offering of the BLE.) 
    Please contact Pat Hahn or Cora Beem, Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, with your questions or concerns. 
    Thank you.